Meet The Writers - Arja Kajermo

Arja Kajermo Arja Kajermo

Arja Kajermo lives with her husband in Dublin. The Iron Age was published by Tramp Press in 2017.

Arja grew up on a small farm in Finland with her parents and three brothers, as well as her grandmother and an uncle. When she was six, her father took the family to Sweden, where he found work at a paper mill in Stockholm.

Arja first came to Dublin over 40 years ago and worked as an au-pair, becoming enchanted with the country and the social life. Eventually she started drawing cartoons for In Dublin magazine for more than ten years. Arja also contributed cartoons to the feminist publisher Attic Press and occasionally to The Sunday Press, The Irish Times, Image, Magill and others. She continues to work as a cartoonist and draws the strip Tuula for the Sunday edition of Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyhyter.

The Tuula strip is a light-hearted look at daily life in a suburb south of Stockholm, and has been the basis for three books published in Sweden. 

Photo Credit: Stefan Evans