Literary Programme 2018

Children’s Reading: The Book of Revenge: E.R. Murray
(Age: 8-12)

E.R. Murray

St. Brendan's School Hall

Sun 15 July 2018



Join E.R. Murray on an enchanting journey through West Cork. Find out about the people and places from the area that influenced her Nine Lives Trilogy and how the landscape around you can bring life to your own stories. A fun and interactive event, Elizabeth will also read from her books and answer your questions about what it’s like to be a writer.

The Book of Revenge – Nine Lives Trilogy 3 is the thrilling finale to the Nine Lives series. Six months ago Ebony Smart was a normal girl living a normal life. Now she must lead the Order of Nine Lives against their greatest enemy in a fight that will determine the fate of the world.

Faced with an enemy much more powerful than herself, Ebony must figure out what Judge Ambrose and his allies are planning, while also stopping her family falling apart. A story of ghosts, time-travel, battles and dark magic, this is Ebony's greatest adventure so far - but will it also be her last?

E.R. Murray writes novels for children and young adults as well as short fiction. Her books include The Book of Learning – Nine Lives Trilogy 1 (2016 Dublin UNESCO Citywide Read for Children), The Book of Shadows – Nine Lives Trilogy 2 (shortlisted 2016 Irish Book Awards and 2016 Irish Literacy Association Award), The Book of Revenge – Nine Lives Trilogy 3 (Feb 2018) and Caramel Hearts (May 2016). She has short fiction published in reputable journals across Ireland, the UK, US and Australia, and has been shortlisted for several notable competitions including Francis McManus and Aesthetica Creative Works. Recent anthology publications include The Elysian: Creative Responses (New Binary Press) and Reading the Future (Arlen House). Elizabeth lives in West Cork, where she fishes, grows her own vegetables and enjoys plenty of adventures with her dog, Franklyn. You can find out more about Elizabeth on her website, or chat to her on twitter @ERMurray, facebook or instagram.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of this event.