Bantry Bookshop Readings Dedicated to John O’Mahony

Posted on: Tuesday, 09th May 2017 @ 2:08pm

This year's Bantry Bookshop readings are dedicated to John O'Mahony who passed away in February. John was a native of Bantry who started his journalism career with RTE and spent many years in New York as a journalist with the Irish Echo, the New York Post and Bloomberg Businessweek.

John was a much respected journalist, feature writer, and editor, who having worked in theatre and radio, then had a bi-coastal career in America after immigrating in 1989. He worked for the weekly Irish Echo newspaper before moving to the New York Post for a decade that saw him take over the Entertainment Editor spot. Following that, he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a content editor for a popular website, before moving on to Bloomberg, and returning to New York four years ago. He loved music and kept up on all the 'new' trends and was a devoted Opera-enthusiast. He became a regular at Kundalini Yoga East … Lest you think John, went all saintly, he was

“Genial, hardworking and possessed of a charming brogue, he was always amenable to a new idea and an after-work nightcap with colleagues.” (New York Post 2017)

It was John's wish to have his ashes scattered on his parent’s grave and in Bantry Bay, and that his friends and relations would gather for a pint or two and tell tales. As an assignment, he was to be here to cover this festival for Irish America magazine. Olivia O'Mahony - no relation, that we know of, but whose family are from around here - will report in his stead. John left big shoes to fill but he was the kind of guy that would love to see a young writer get a break.

John was a storyteller, from his first poem published in the Irish Times when he was 17, he worked across all media outlets, and in his memory his family and executors sponsor the readings in Bantry Bookshop.

John O'Mahony is remembered: