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The Gift of a Garden with Alice Taylor

The Gift of a Garden with Alice Taylor
(Presented by Carol Drinkwater)

Alice Taylor

Maritime Hotel

Mon 7 July



In this inspirational event, Alice Taylor, one of Ireland’s  most popular authors, will speak about gardening and ‘the unbelievable pleasure that I have discovered in simply digging the earth. … Maybe buried deep in each of us is the secret need to cultivate the soil. Digging the earth breathes life back into us.’

Alice Taylor’s books include To School Through the Fields, An  Irish Country Diary,  Close to the Earth, Quench the Lamp and many more. To School Through the Fields, first published in 1988, was an immediate success, becoming the biggest selling book ever published in Ireland. And Time Stood Still, published in 2012, was also a bestseller. She became a public personality, appearing regularly on The Late Late Show and Woman’s Hour. Alice lives in the Innishannon, Co Cork in a house attached to the local supermarket and post office. Since her son has taken over the shop, she has been able to devote more time to her writing ... and her garden