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Open Mike

Open Mike
(featuring special guests Gary Longden, Saleha Begum, Adam Steiner and Paul Casey)

Maritime Hotel

Tue 8 July



English poets Gary Longden, Saleha Begum and Adam Steiner are visiting Cork as part of the annual Cork-Coventry twin cities poetry exchange run by Ó Bhéal, which is now in its seventh year. They are on a short tour of readings around Munster and are accompanied by Ó Bhéal director, Cork poet Paul Casey.

Saleha Begum is a writer and artist living in Birmingham. Her first collection, Ruptures and Fragments (Upfront Publishing, 2012) is a philosophical enquiry into the mind and body, a paradox of wordplay that contains a sort of mischievousness and intentional obedience, whilst exploring the everyday questions and quandaries, i.e. existence, purpose, relationships, love and the inner child.

Adam Steiner writes about the NHS, the British condition and death of affect. His poetry and stories appear in 3:AM, The Cadaverine, Spontaneity, Abridged 0-13, Annexe, The Literateur, Nostrovia! SquawkBack, Black Wire, NOUS, Erotic Review, also The Dance Is New, Poems Underwater and Stepaway – Voicewalks anthologies. He is Deputy Editor of Here Comes Everyone magazine.

Gary Longden is a poet, event organiser, blogger and reviewer who lives in Birmingham. He runs a quarterly poetry evening in Lichfield , Poetry Alight, which features the best poets in the Midlands and is Chairman of the Birmingham poetry collective, Write down Speak Up. He reviews, and includes reviews, on poetry in his blog Garyswordz and also reviews the broader Midlands Arts scene in Behind the Arras, and for the local press. His work has been widely published in various collections and broadcasts.

Paul Casey is the founder/director of the weekly Ó Bhéal poetry reading series in Cork city. He has published poems in five of his six spoken languages, along with articles, in journals and anthologies in Ireland, the US, China, Australia, South Africa and in Bosnia-Herzegovina. His most recent collection is home more or less (Salmon Poetry, 2012), and in 2013 he was awarded a Cork City Council Artist’s Bursary to work on his second collection, due from Salmon in 2015.