Chamber Music Festival Programme 2016

6. Young Composers Forum

6. Young Composers Forum

St Brendan's Hall

Sat 2 July 2016 14:00

Forum ends 16:00


Composer Work Artist(s)
Robert Coleman Phantasm Hydra Quartet
Shell Dooley Hotel del Salto Elm Quartet
Tommy Grace changes, variances, mutations Beara Quartet
Victoria Johnston Transience Behn Quartet

Forum directed by Deirdre Gribbin

In our 9th Composition Competition, scores were submitted by 25 Irish composers aged 17 to 34. Each of the successful works will be played through and analysed in this Forum.

The winners are: Shell Dooley for her score Hotel Del Salto, Victoria  Johnston for her score Transience, Tommy Grace for his score changes, variances, mutations and Robert  Coleman for Phantasm.